Logo Design and Branding

Project Description

Logo Design and cross company branding.  Art a la Carte has three main components to their business.  The kids after school and summer camp program, the painting studio, and the web design business.   They have chosen the artist beret as a symbol of the company and have incorporated its design into each of the business ventures.  Keeping the same color pallet throughout.

Art a la Carte Web design will work with you to establish your branding standards and incorporate them across your company’s marketing.  From websites, flyers, signs, email campaigns, etc..

Project Details

Client Art a la Carte Date Ongoing Skills Branding, logo design

Equi-Resp Logo Design

Equi-Resp | Respiratory and Wound Care Products for the Equine Market

The Company colors are black and silver.  Many of the products contain the element silver.  The logo is elegant and simple and keeps to palette of the company.

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