Terrific Scientific Atlanta Web Design

Project Description

Another example of a local after school enrichment business that offers science classes in the after school programs.  This is a service driven business that needs to convey lots of specific program information to their customers.  Offering after school classes, summer camps, and parties, their is a variety of programs and numerous web pages.  This site utilizes sliders, tables, and complex forms to convey their message.

Project Details

Date 2015 Skills Branding, Web Design, third party registration integration, site maintenance, SEO

Grid layout of pages

Here we are demonstrating a useful tool for this type of site.  There are dozens of summer camps offered by this company.  The viewer needs a clean and clear way to view the offerings.  A simple list would not be enough information and a navigating through full pages would be too cumbersome.  Here we have displayed the camp offerings in a grid format with thumbnail images and brief excerpts from the program descriptions.  Customers can take a quick look then select which camp they would like more information.

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